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Heads up: this epic Walmart deal could get you six free months of Spotify Premium

Walmart and streaming giant Spotify have joined forces to offer six free months of Spotify Premium, but only if you sign up for the retailer’s online subscription service Walmart Plus. It works like this: sign up for a paid membership at Walmart Plus, make a Spotify account with a Premium plan, and you’ll get six full months of ad-free music. That’s an impressive value of $59, not to mention unhindered access to Spotify’s complete library of music and podcasts. 

Once the 6-month trial ends, you can keep Spotify Premium for $9.99/month or cancel the subscription with zero hassle. The streaming service has a library of over 80 million songs and highly-intelligent Discover Playlists that could help you find your next favorite band. You can also create your own playlists to share with friends and download songs for offline enjoyment. 

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