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The FOTILE Range Hood Resolves Smoky Cooktops and Kitchens

FOTILE Self-Adjusting Range Hood. Image courtesy of FOTILE

FOTILE has released its professional-grade 36-inch self-adjusting stainless steel range hood to support smoke- and pollutant-free kitchens. Driven by its WhisPower System, the 36-inch hood covers 7.2 square feet of cooking area and achieves a 92.5 percent oil filtration rate and 97 percent odor reduction rate.

FOTILE WhisPower technology boosts the unit’s air speed and power for stronger extraction of smoke and grease and adjusts the centrifugal motors’ power to ventilate the cooktop accordingly. The unit also features an adjustable plate that can be lowered to remove smoke and fumes closer to the cooktop surface.

Specializing in high-end kitchen appliances, FOTILE designed the new unit with black tempered glass and stainless steel. The Nautilus Air Passageway enables smoother, more efficient smoke extraction without the turbulence. The range hood can also be used to clean the ambient air in the kitchen when the cooktop Is not in use.

The unit runs at three speeds, including a turbo system, which measures at 54 decibels. The noise level when operated at the lowest speed is 43 dBs. Average room noise falls between 30 and 50 dBs, according to the Hearing Health Foundation.

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