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Here’s How To See This Week’s Blood Moon

What’s so special about this year’s eclipse? To explain that, we have to note that the color and visibility of the moon are heavily impacted by the clarity of the Earth’s atmosphere. This means things that happen down on the ground can affect how the lunar eclipse is going to look. According to Helio Vital, the moon’s visibility may be altered by the Tonga submarine volcano eruption that climaxed in January 2022. Even months later, the aerosols that it produced are still present in the upper atmosphere.

As a result of the volcano eruption, Helio Vital predicts that this year’s lunar eclipse may be especially dark. Sky & Telescope shared a handy image of the various shades of a blood moon, and if the predictions check out, we may be looking at one of those darker shades — most probably number one in its illustration.

Whether it’s going to be especially dark or not, the moon will undoubtedly look thrilling to just about anyone who cares to look at it. If you’re not sure whether the visibility will be decent in your area, or you can’t see yourself staying up to watch it, rest assured that there are plenty of ways to watch the lunar eclipse of May 2022.

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