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Government pledges votes on neighbours’ extensions

Neighbours could be allowed to vote on whether planning consent should be awarded for developments, including house extensions, in their local area.

Under new government plans, the ‘street votes’ would be an alternative to traditional forms of planning permission.

The government says the new Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill, which featured in the Queen’s Speech this week. will amend the planning system to “give residents more involvement in local development” and “give communities a louder voice”.

It is understood that residents will have the chance to vote on whether planning permission should be granted for extensions to existing homes on their street and will be able to decide rules governing the layout and materials used for new developments.

“I think it is critically important that even as we seek to improve housing supply you also seek to build communities that people love and are proud of,” the Levelling Up Secretary, Michael Gove, said.

“It is no kind of success if simply to hit a target, the homes that are built are shoddy, in the wrong place, don’t have the infrastructure required and are not contributing to beautiful communities,” he added.


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