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Belvoir and Kamma agree new commercial partnership

Belvoir and geospatial technology firm Kamma have announced a new commercial partnership agreement.

The partnership offers the Belvoir’s 360 franchisees, including the Northwood, Newton Fallowell, Lovelle and Nicholas Humphreys brands, immediate access to Kamma’s full suite of services including its compliance solution.

Belvoir managed properties will now be covered by automated compliance and guaranteed protection.

The new collaboration between Belvoir and Kamma means that agents will be able to get instant licensing updates directly to their inbox and allow them to automatically monitor their portfolio for any changes to licensing requirements.

Kamma CEO, Orla Shields, commented: “Belvoir are known for their strong foothold in the property market and Kamma offers to help all Belvoir’s agents with their licencing compliance, all whilst saving them time and resources.”


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