Chris Rattue slams New Zealand sports teams Warriors, Phoenix and Super Rugby in epic rant

Veteran New Zealand sports activities author Chris Rattue has provoked an intense response after a column skewering the nation’s sporting repute and claiming “the idea that New Zealand is a fabulous sporting nation is a big fat lie.”

Rattue, writing within the New Zealand Herald, began out his column by savaging the Warriors NRL workforce, calling for the resignation of CEO Cameron George and saying their “disgraceful effort against Cronulla belongs in a Hall of Shame.”

The 12 man Sharks beat the Warriors 29-10 on Sunday and Rattue was outraged by the membership’s newest humiliating defeat. But it surely was additionally the launching pad for a run down of all of the perceived ills of Kiwi sports activities proper now.

“Super Rugby is an unmitigated disaster and the national sport is dying in many ways,” Rattue wrote.

“The coverage on Sky is amateurish, childish. I don’t think people even care about the All Blacks the way they used to. Rugby itself is almost unwatchable, sunk by stoppages and overbearing TMOs. Even the era of All Black dominance has gone – they are quickly becoming just another up-and-down team.”

He continued with soccer: “The world game, has no domestic profile. The Phoenix are unloved and hopeless, the All Whites only play at odd overseas venues and times.”

After which onto the state of Mt Stadium which “looks like a condemned squat”, the declare that nobody cares about home cricket, dropping internet hosting rights to world darts and speedway occasions (sure, actually).

He bemoaned the spending on Olympic sports activities “which nobody really cares about most of the time” and the truth that “even world MMA star Israel Adesanya abandoned the country”.

“One-off events overseas – such as the world cricket final, the All Whites’ upcoming World Cup qualification match against Costa Rica, Joseph Parker et al – are left as sporadic high points to complement All Black tests and a few decent home cricket series,” Rattue wrote.

” However even there, world cricket treats New Zealand with disdain and we’re not even internet hosting Parker fights or the FIFA showdown this time.

“Our sports administrators are drab and uninspiring, preferring to operate like faceless bureaucrats rather than the impresarios of old. Domestic sporting rivalries are absolutely dead.”

After additional complaints, Rattue sums up: “It is a very sad and hopeless state of affairs and beyond repair, although thankfully there is loads of amazing overseas sport to watch on traditional TV and online.”

The column, as all good columns do, provoked loads of response, together with some settlement.

So, does NZ have a sports activities drawback? Or is that this take far too hysterical?

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