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Neu direction: Seattle startup pivots to become Spritz, a tech platform to better aid housecleaners

Kwame Boler, left, and Claudius Mbemba, co-founders of Neu and now Spritz. (Neu File Images)

Kwame Boler and Claudius Mbemba have a brand new concept that pivots off their five-year run with Neu, the Seattle startup that helped join owners with housecleaners, particularly within the trip rental house.

The break is a clear one, insomuch that cleansing remains to be the main focus. However the co-founders will now be targeted explicitly on cleaners with the launch of Spritz, a business-in-a-box tech platform supposed to assist cleaners handle the numerous intricacies of operating their very own operation.

Neu ceased operations on the finish of 2021, and in an interview with GeekWire this week, the younger entrepreneurs shared a number of the exhausting classes they discovered managing a two-sided market.

(Brand through Spritz)

“Neu was a great business. And we had a phenomenal team,” Boler mentioned. “But one thing that was really clear as we started building and started to scale was that there was a very evident cognitive dissonance between how we perceived the product and how a good portion of our customers did.”

Owners noticed Neu as a cleansing service. Cleaners noticed Neu as a substitute for an employer. And a few Neu staff noticed themselves as managers of cleaners, somewhat than the truth that these cleaners have been Neu clients.

Coordinating the distribution of bodily parts corresponding to cleansing provides and linens additional sophisticated issues.

“We will not have any more physical goods,” Boler mentioned. “That’s actually something that excites us quite a bit. No more sheets and towels.”

“I think that’s the biggest thing, being able to simplify the business,” Mbemba added.

With Spritz they nonetheless wish to deliver housecleaning into the twenty first century, leveraging expertise and third events to dump back-office capabilities, operations, logistics, and administrative duties. They imagine they will help housekeeping professionals with every little thing from scheduling to taxes for a fraction of the price of constructing a standard franchise or hiring a devoted operations supervisor.

“A lot of housekeepers came to Neu because they didn’t want to start a business,” Mbemba mentioned. “They wanted to jump on something that was already working and be able to be compensated for being a service provider.”

Mbemba and Boler have developed a robust appreciation for the work that housekeepers carry out they usually really feel it’s a pure evolution of Neu’s mannequin to wish to empower them with Spritz.

The 2 are impressed by different companies performing comparable capabilities: Heard for accountants; Introwise for digital consultants; and Collective for solo entrepreneurs. They see many parallels between Spritz and Squire, a black-led startup and tech platform for barbershops that additionally makes it simpler to handle a enterprise.

‘No one has really built a product with [housekeepers] in mind and designed it in a way in which they could best augment that and position them for success.’

“No one has really built a product with [housekeepers] in mind and designed it in a way in which they could best augment that and position them for success,” mentioned Boler, who’s the startup’s CEO.

Boler and Mbemba additionally plan to faucet into the Web3 phenomenon and create a decentralized autonomous group (DAO) at Spritz that makes all housekeepers stakeholders through safety tokenization decided by person exercise.

“The more positive the user behavior, the more tokens they’ll receive, with tokens tied directly to shares,” Boler wrote in an e mail e-newsletter final week. “This will also turn our relationship from adversarial to collaborative and remove adverse impact from the network effect. … This is also well-aligned with our mission, and we see the unique opportunity to disrupt the doomed dichotomy of service workers.”

Neu was chosen for Techstars Seattle simply earlier than COVID-19 hit in 2020. The pandemic’s influence on trip leases and Neu’s enterprise was fast and devastating. In July of that yr, Boler and Mbemba mentioned pivoting to a broader cleansing operation, including workplaces and on-demand sanitizing to the combo for a altering world.

Neu raised simply over $1 million, and the co-founders imagine their most loyal buyers are excited concerning the change to Spritz.

“We have gotten some pushback, but for the vast majority, especially for those who have been with us the absolute longest, they’re commending us and think that it’s the best decision with respect to what we know and trust us to operate,” Boler mentioned.

Neu had 15 staff and contractors at its top, and Spritz will begin with 4, together with Boler and Mbemba. They’re in the hunt for a robust product chief proper now.

“It sucks having to let go of good amount of our team to be able to make this pivot. That was not something that we took lightly,” Mbema mentioned. “We’re grateful for all the people who worked on Neu with us and got us to this point, because it wasn’t just us.”

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