Holbrook fires up at refs after Titans lose lopsided penalty count against Eels

Gold Coast Titans coach Justin Holbrook has taken purpose on the referees after his facet’s 32-28 defeat to the Parramatta Eels.

The Titans had been on the flawed finish of a 7-1 penalty rely and misplaced the sport thanks to a few second half penalty targets from Mitchell Moses.

Parramatta additionally made three profitable Captain’s Challenges, which Holbrook strongly disagreed with.

“I’m not here to take anything away from Parramatta,” stated the Titans coach. “Good luck to them it is not about that. It is about us as a club being not one of the big clubs and not getting anything.”

“If they’re 50/50 then make them 50/50s. Give us a pair and provides them a pair and we’re completely happy. I’m not asking for 7-1 and 3-0 within the captain’s challenges.

“You’re higher off getting me to speak in regards to the first half and the officers to do the second half slightly than now you might be asking me 10 minutes after a recreation.

“We had a great opportunity to try and win a footy game taken away from us. I don’t know if we were good enough or not.”

Holbrook once more paid tribute to the Eels however fired up on the three Captain’s Challenges that his staff misplaced.

“I’m not here to take anything away from Parramatta, but defensively we struggled in the first half, but we fought our way back with some great footy and scored some terrific tries,” he stated.

“Then the second half we bought a strive early after which we’re peppering their line with a captain’s problem and it’s, did the ball contact the leg or not after which 20 minutes later we’re within the ruck and it was did the leg contact the ball?

“Somebody inform me the distinction as a result of it has a giant bearing on the sport.

“Both make it 50/50 or do away with the captain’s problem as a result of it’s not favouring us and it by no means has and it has a giant bearing on a recreation.

“That first half of footy was thrilling and there was a variety of tries. The second half if I wasn’t teaching them I’d have fallen asleep.

“The sport didn’t ever move the entire second half. It was so disappointing to look at my staff simply regularly defend their line and by no means get an opportunity to attempt to win the sport.

“That’s the way I feel and I’m just being honest.”

“We’re a membership who had a fantastic alternative to return down immediately and beat one of many heavyweights with an opportunity to win the comp for our complete area that’s flooded.

“We had a accountability for our group to attempt to put some smiles on some faces. And I don’t know if we’d have gotten there anyway. I’m not right here to complain about that or take something away from Parramatta. They bought the job finished.

“The very first thing you requested me was about choices and we had been on the flawed finish of all of them final yr and once more.

“I don’t know why. You’re asking me to answer questions I don’t know the answer to.”

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