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OPPO Find X5 Pro Review

Right from the get-go, the OPPO Find X5 Pro is already unique and striking, especially for those with an affinity for minimalism. While the curved edges of the screen are nothing new, flipping the phone around reveals something you probably wouldn’t expect from smartphones these days. Sure, OPPO introduced this new design language last year with the Find X3 Pro and then a variation in the Find N foldable phone, but it is reassuring to see that it is cementing that unique aesthetic rather than changing year after year after year.

Unlike almost all smartphones today, including the iPhone, the OPPO Find X5 Pro doesn’t have a visually distinct structure and material housing the cameras. Yes, there is a camera bump, but it is almost like a literal bump rather than a separate slab of metal, plastic, or glass segregating the cameras from the rest of the phone’s body. Instead, there is a gentle slope that rises from the surface to accommodate the camera hardware. At certain angles, you can’t even see that slope, making it appear like the cameras are lying flat, flushed on the phone’s back.

This unconventional design has two main benefits, the first one being the absence of a large hole that could compromise the structural integrity of that back glass plate. More importantly, it creates a single visual form that has no breaks other than the small circles for the cameras. Along with the choice of milky white and dark black colors, this design’s smooth lines and lack of unnecessary distracting elements creates a clean and minimal look that evokes a feeling of calmness and serenity.

The materials OPPO chose for that also contribute towards that goal of promoting a sense of peace when using the phone. Although more expensive and harder to manufacture, the choice of ceramic instead of regular glass makes the phone feel comfortable and warm to the touch while also offering some confidence and assurance thanks to its more durable properties. OPPO also used a special coating that reduces fingerprint marks, relieving you of the stress of having to wipe off smudges every now and then.

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