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Estate agent is dancing the parking ‘fandango’ with amusing ad – Property Industry Eye

Can a sense of humour and a witty turn of phrase help sell a parking space?

A senior valuer at Slater Hogg & Howison estate agents in Glasgow is giving it a go.

Estate agent Fergus Lindsay posted the amusing advert on Facebook in December for a space in a multi-storey carpark, looking for offers over the eye-watering price of £19,500.

And he sidestepped the usual, mundane prose you might expect, when selling a parking space, by appealing to potential buyers’ dislike of traffic wardens.

The description on Rightmove reads: “You have to, albeit grudgingly, admire the uncanny efficiency of the traffic warden, with their almost supernatural ability to materialise from thin air, as if beamed from the parking enforcement deck of the USS Enterprise,” they observe, adding:

“If you are tired of neck stretching, swivel heading, dancing the parking fandango, misdialling Ringo or searching down the back of your passenger seat for loose change, then this secure, gated, undercover and CCTV-observed private parking space is just the solution to your travails.”

The post finishes with a flourish, as if the space were a luxury mansion: “Perfectly positioned in Merchant City central, this is the prime garage to rest your four-wheeled friend.”

Lindsay told The Mirror newspaper that he wrote the amusing advert for his own “sanity and amusement”.

He commented: “I’ve been doing this for 30 years and over the years you see people do a lot of cutting and pasting.

“I always try and get a slightly different perspective. It’s difficult to know what to say about a few square yards of concrete.

“I write ads like this for my own sanity and amusement.

“We have an obligation to all of our customers to do the best we can. I know it’s not necessarily a fashionable view of agents but that’s how we approach things in our office.

“Putting a bit of thought into something as mundane as that reflects that we’re doing our best for our clients as well as representing ourselves in the best possible way.

“Whoever buys this will need to pay hard cash as you can’t mortgage spaces – they have titles but you can’t borrow against them.”

Lindsay told EYE: “It’s a bit of concrete in a car park and hard to wax lyrical about, so I tried to take a different direction.”



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