Japan school students taking their university entrance exam wounded in knife attack

Three people were stabbed and injured outside Tokyo University during the first day of the university entrance examinations across Japan on Saturday.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested a 17-year-old on the crime scene and allegedly recovered a blood-stained kitchen knife from him.

As many as 530,000 students are due to take the nationwide tests over two days across several venues in Japan.

The police said the teen, who lives and attends school in Nagoya, started stabbing students around 8.30am local time.

A 72–year-old man from Tokyo and two 18-year-olds from nearby Chiba prefecture who were on their way to the examination hall were those injured in the attack. None of them knew the suspect, police said.

The Asahi newspaper quoted an unidentified source as claiming that the teenager spoke of his anxiety regarding his poor grades during an alleged police confessional.

All three victims of the knife attack were taken to the hospital. Reports said that while the two teen victims sustained minor injuries, the senior citizen had to undergo urgent surgery.

The National Centre for University Entrance Examinations – the authority in charge of the university entrance exams in japan – said that the two teens who were supposed to take their exams on Saturday shall be allowed to sit in a make-up exam scheduled for the last weekend of this month.

It also said it was considering other measures if they were not able to recover on time for their new exam date.

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