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A New Kind of Advice Column: Ask Kelly Your Relationship Questions


Welcome to the very first installment of my new monthly series, “Ask Kelly: A Relationships, Breakups, and Dating Advice Column”!! If you have a question and/or a story for me about your own dating experiences, drop it in the Google Form at the bottom of this post–I’d love to hear from you. Think of me as your own personal Carrie Bradshaw (just maybe a little more internet savvy??) meets a Millennial E. Jean Carroll or Ask Polly; columns I’ve loved and admired for years.

You may be wondering: What makes me qualified to answer questions like these? Well, for starters, I’ve been through A LOT in the past few years. ICYMI, here’s the short version of my story: 22 year-old Midwestern woman moves to Los Angeles, experiences a decade dating in the big city, gets engaged at 29 to someone she met online only to call it off a year later (after recognizing she deserved better), spends almost two years healing and re-examining what she wants in a relationship, and finds her person on Hinge in the summer of 2021 (in a city she doesn’t live in… yet!).

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