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8 Long-Distance Friendship Ideas to Try this Season


Friends go off to college. Roommates move in with their partners. Best friends take jobs in different countries. A whole globe finds itself in a global pandemic. There are countless reasons we find ourselves in long-distance friendships, but the desire to stay connected is a shared experience.

A friendship flourishes most with emotional intimacy, roaring belly laughs, and quality time as with a romantic relationship. Adult relationships can be challenging to cultivate and maintain, and distance only adds to the burden. I experienced a sense of disconnect after graduating from college.

Today, I do my best to stay connected with loved ones. Some friends and I exchange emails (it’s the closest we’ll get to snail mail) about life; another friend and I exchange baked goods during the winter months. I even have a religious friend about sending my husband and my postcards — even from simple, ordinary places. The latest is hanging on our fridge. These are the moments I get to collect and hold onto, especially when a Facetime call or texting doesn’t suffice.

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