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Foreclosures, Flipping, and Creating Your Rental Property “Buy Box”

Tommy Christy has bought more homes than most investors you know combined. While he didn’t have to put up his own money to close on the deals, he did go through the process of lead generating, offering, auctioning, analyzing, and finally closing on them for his hedge fund employer. He was able to score twenty-seven hundred homes in just over two years, before realizing it was time for him to build his personal portfolio a bit more.

When the market crashed in 2009, Tommy saw an opportunity to buy homes at a significant discount. He was essentially buying anything under sixty thousand dollars in California, which turned out to be a good idea seeing how much the state has appreciated in the past twelve years. Tommy knows what it takes for the hedge funds to buy a great deal, but he also knows what they’re overlooking.

Even if you’re not planning on buying two-thousand plus units in two years, Tommy’s knowledge of “buy boxes” and systematizing your lead flow can help you reach a significant unit count, much faster. If you want to partner up on a deal, have a chat, or wholesale a home, get in touch with Tommy at [email protected]!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • REOs vs. foreclosures vs. pre-foreclosures (and which you should look out for)
  • Creative financing and understanding which type falls into which market cycle
  • Developing your “buy box” and “crystal clear criteria” for real estate deals
  • Thinking like a hedge fund so you can beat them at their own game
  • How to scale your portfolio so you don’t just have more units, but less work
  • Where to find the best lead sources so you can buy, BRRRR, or wholesale as you see fit
  • And So Much More!

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