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ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp review: An egg-cellent ambient light to set the vibe

Ecolor Smart Egg Lamp LifestyleSource: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central

The best smart lights come in typical form factors like light bulbs, adhesive strips, or table lamps. ECOLOR’s unique entry doesn’t fall under any of those categories. Instead, it’s shaped like an ethereal Easter egg of large proportions. The football-esque design is something I have never seen before, in smart lights or otherwise. Aside from the unusual shape, the Smart Egg Lamp sports some unexpected features such as an IP65 rating and extensive control over each individual LED light.

Considering the low-end pricing on the ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp, I went in with pretty low expectations at first. Still, the specs are enough to get anyone excited and I was in high spirits upon receiving the package. It may be made for children but I can think of many adults who’d be very entertained by such a cute gadget. It’s a charming little accessory worth every dime of that sub-$50 price tag.

Ecolor Smart Egg Lamp Render Reco Render

ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp

Bottom line: ECOLOR’s Smart Egg Lamp is easy on the eyes and buckets of fun to use. Setting it up is easy as one-two-three and you get an insane level of customization. With an IP65 rating and a 3,000mAh battery, this thing is built for adventures.

The Good

  • Superb color payoff
  • 42 independent color-changing LEDs
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Filthy cheap
  • Wireless and portable

The Bad

  • Micro-USB charging
  • No voice assistant support

ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp: Price and availability

Ecolor Smart Egg Lamp Lifestyle

Source: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central

ECOLOR’s cheerfully cheap Smart Egg Lamp is available to purchase on Amazon. There are two versions; an RGBW version priced at $30 and an RGBWW version that’s slightly brighter for $34. Besides the teeny tiny difference in brightness, both variants have exactly the same specs.

ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp: What’s good

Ecolor Smart Egg Lamp Lifestyle

Source: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central

Before you listen to my ravings, please engrave the following fact into your mind. Coming in at a measly $30, the ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp is astonishingly affordable. For the same price, you could get a 20-piece KFC chicken bucket or about ten gallons of gas. Let’s consider the value package that ECOLOR’s Smart Egg Lamp offers you.

Coming in at a measly $30, the ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp is astonishingly affordable.

The football or egg-shaped lamp is built out of a smooth plastic material that feels almost velvety to the touch. It’s really soft and matte in texture, as opposed to the traditional shiny plastic of the ECOLOR Table Lamp. Although it looks like it’ll roll off a flat surface, the Egg Lamp is quite stable and doesn’t budge.

There are two sections, with a white plastic divider running down the center. This strip houses the mic, power button, Micro-USB port, and two holes for a sling that comes in the box. It weighs only 320g and boasts a 3,000mAh battery that lasts up to 3 hours.

Ecolor Smart Egg Lamp Lifestyle

Source: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central

Factor in the robust IP65 waterproof rating and the ECOLOR Egg Lamp is the perfect portable light. You don’t just get convenience though, it’s also extremely good fun to use. There are 42 LEDs inside the Egg Lamp and you can manually alter the color of every single bulb. This level of customization is superior to anything else out there. If you find that intimidating, you could only do half the colors and mirror the shades onto the other half. Then there’s a simpler option where you can choose 12 shades for each half.

The ECOLOR Egg Lamp is the perfect portable light and it’s extremely good fun to use.

The ECOLOR app is wonderful and does all you could want. It uses Bluetooth to connect with the Smart Egg Lamp in a matter of seconds and then you’re good to go. There are over 16 presets, a music mode, a timer that allows you to automate power on/off schedules, and a camera feature.

For the camera feature, you simply point the camera at any object around you and the app displays that color through the ECOLOR lamp. Brightness and audio sensitivity can also be adjusted in-app. Since there’s no physical remote control, having such features in the app is essential.

Ecolor Smart Egg Lamp Lifestyle Gif

Source: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central

Let’s talk about the color payoff. Pictures don’t do justice to the depth of the shades. I was pleasantly taken aback by the max brightness levels of the Egg Lamp. When looking at the color wheel in the app, you can choose from 16 million hues. The camera detection feature is pretty nifty and transmits the color you picked very accurately.

ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp: What’s not good

Ecolor Smart Egg Lamp Lifestyle

Source: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central

Where there is light, there is darkness. The ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp is a smashing hit, full to the brim with impressive specs. Unfortunately, there are two very hard pills to swallow. For many of you, either or both could be reasons to not buy this cool ambient lamp. First off, the lamp is equipped with an outdated Micro-USB charging port. This means that topping up the Egg Lamp’s 3,000mAh battery is no joke. Heck, most of you may not even have a compatible cable anymore. You get one in the box, but that’s beside the point.

We’re living in a world where USB-C is king, with the EU pushing to establish it as the universal charging standard. It’s not just about having the right charging cable lying around. Type-C charging enables better charging speeds. Even if a device doesn’t support fast charging, standard USB-C will charge up a device considerably faster than a Micro-USB cable.

Apart from a Micro-USB port, another big hole in the Lamp’s defense is the lack of voice assistant support.

Another big hole in the Lamp’s defense is the lack of voice assistant support. You can’t use Google Assistant or Alexa to give the ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp voice commands. There’s no Wi-Fi in the lamp, so the only method of communication with it is Bluetooth. If you’re really vested in either smart home ecosystem, this may be a deal-breaker.

ECOLOR did mention that they are working on adding voice assistant support in the future, but that’s all we know so far. Since the Egg Lamp doesn’t come with Wi-Fi onboard, there’s no chance of it getting such an update. What’s more likely is that we’ll these features in the later releases from ECOLOR.

ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp: Competition

Amazon Echo Glow Lifestyle

Source: Amazon

In terms of appearance alone, the ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp has a unique shape that you won’t find anywhere else. Get past the physical aspect and you’ll find decent alternatives offering similar specs such as ambient lighting and portability.

Govee StarPal costs almost twice as much as the Egg Lamp but it has a six-hour battery life and smart assistant integration. However, it doesn’t feature an IP rating or segmented color-changing options. The same goes for the Philips Go, which is more expensive and comes with voice assistants in tow.

Amazon’s Echo Glow smart lamp costs exactly the same as the ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp. Hailing from the Echo lineup, the multicolor light offers a music mode, the ability to set alarms, and works with Alexa, but only if you pair it with an Echo smart speaker. Unlike the other lamps listed here, the Echo Glow is a wired option.

ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp: Should you buy it?

Ecolor Smart Egg Lamp Lifestyle

Source: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central

You should buy this if …

  • You want heavy customization options
  • You’re looking for something lightweight and robust
  • You need a portable ambient light
  • You want a 16-million color spectrum
  • You’re on a tight budget

You shouldn’t buy this if…

  • You want Alexa or Google Assistant support
  • You dislike slow Micro-USB charging

If you’re on the hunt for an ambient smart light that prioritizes portability, the Smart Egg Lamp is an excellent pick. As long as you don’t mind not having voice controls or the dated USB port, that is. But if those factors bother you, I’d suggest stretching your budget and going for something else. Keep in mind that you’ll miss out on customization options and water resistance though.

out of 5

As a lover of children’s fantasy novels, I can picture the Egg Lamp playing a key role in many creative pretend play games. Little ones of all ages are sure to love this unique light. Adults are definitely going to enjoy it all the same, or maybe even more.

The ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp is built with portability in mind, so it’s an awesome camping or road tripping buddy. The IP rating allows you to be laxer and bring the light along wherever your travels take you. Be it pool parties, hiking trips, or your cozy bedside table, this ambient light instantly cheers up the atmosphere.

Ecolor Smart Egg Lamp Render Reco Render

ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp

Bottom line: The ECOLOR Smart Egg Lamp is an outstanding ambient light once you get past the missing voice assistant support and the Micro-USB port. You get full control over 42 LED lights inside it, setting the stage for your personal galaxy contained within a magical, waterproof, and portable egg.

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