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’70s Pink Living Room Makeover (Before + After!)

We are rolling right along with room tours from the mid-century home we’ve been working on for the past year, and today’s tour is the living room! Like most of you (I bet), we spend a large percentage of our time in the living room. It has our TV, fireplace, and is set up to be the centrally located hub of the house, as well.

This room was not a quick fix by any means as we had to do some major ceiling repair on the vintage combed ceiling panels, fully replace a crumbling tile floor (sharp edges and loose chunks of grout were everywhere), add built-in shelves and make over an old fireplace.

But, I have to say that the end result brings a lot of light and joy to the home and helps feature the huge windows that helped us fall in love with the house in the first place (see the before and after photos below for the transformation!).

I really wanted the whole house to flow in a specific warm color palette with some elements (you can see my home mood board and plans here). So I tried to pick some elements and shapes that would give off a ’70s retro vibe in a modern and trendy (and pink!) way.

view of living room with white stone fireplace and chair and couch in front of it

As you can see, the dark floors and fireplace in the “before” are a big contrast to the brighter “after” photo. We also took off the front of the old wood-burning fireplace and had a gas log fireplace installed instead. We love it!!

A fireside hang is one of my favorite things in life (and all through winter).

The biggest change in this room is definitely the floor, though. We had a huge issue with the previous tile floor coming up off the subfloor to where it was cracking and breaking all over the place (due to poor installation) and there were piles (not exaggerating!) of loose grout chunks all over the place.

We had to wear slippers or shoes for the first nine months of living there so your feet weren’t grey with grout dust or cut by a broken tile edge—fun!! The white oak flooring was a very long ordeal to get done correctly, but we love how it came out! It felt like such a treat to walk around in bare feet, haha …

white stone fireplace with art hanging on it and hanging plant nearby

My husband affectionally calls this art print “hot dog girl,” but I love the artist and have several of her pieces throughout the house. I know some people are not for painting stone, and that’s OK, but I really love how the painted stone lets you see the nooks and crannies of the texture even better than when it was all a dark color.

We added a vented gas log set (with these birch logs in the 30″ size) and converted the fireplace to gas instead of wood burning—it’s for sure the best spot in the house once winter rolls around. We like to pull over the coffee table and do puzzles with Lola in front of it at night.

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