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In our humble opinion, considering the past two years we’ve had, everyone deserves what’s on their wish list. As always, ours includes items made by Texans, Lone Star State experiences, and maybe a few things that might be described as Texas-adjacent. Maybe, in the spirit of “revenge travel,” you’re ready to “revenge gift-give.” And maybe the recipient is yourself. Well, we have you covered. But times are hard, so we also have a category for wallet-friendly ideas that come in at $40 or less. Whatever you’re looking for, we hope you find it here.

Made in Texas Gift Guide Entertainer
Illustration by Texas Monthly

From a monthly bread subscription at a buzzy Hill Country bakery to a Transformer-like candle, these gifts will get you invited back to the party next year.

Made in Texas Gift Guide Stocking
Illustration by Texas Monthly

The cost of a pair of Whataburger holiday socks? $12.99. Knowing that someone gets you? Priceless.

Made in Texas Gift Guide Stressed Out
Illustration by Texas Monthly

Give them some holiday chill in the form of CBD gummies and rose-scented bath teas. Or send them to the largest spa in Texas.

Made in Texas Gift Guide Texan in Training
Illustration by Texas Monthly

Welcome everyone from babies to newcomers to our great state with one of these very Texan gifts.

Made in Texas Gift Guide Trendsetter
Illustration by Texas Monthly

From clutches made out of vintage designer scarves to cowboy boots designed by a member of ZZ Top, these ideas are all winners.

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