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Fine & Country Foundation donates over £45,000 in grants to charities – Property Industry Eye

The Fine & Country Foundation has announced that 20 charities in various locations around the globe will be receiving grants in its Autumn Grant scheme, totalling an amount of £45,752.

Going to organisations in the UK, South Africa and Mauritius, the funds will be used for various projects from rebuilding shelter for victims of flooding and fires to providing basic household essentials and clothing to those who need it.

The Grant Scheme aims to provide financial support to non-profit organisations, specifically focussed around supporting charities from the UK and overseas in the fight against homelessness and poverty.

Grants are issued in Spring and Autumn, with Fine & Country offices around the world encouraged to submit applications nominating a charity of their choice to receive a donation of up to £3,000. These proposals are then reviewed by The Foundation board and successful projects are awarded with grants. The money presented to these charities will offer them much-needed funds to continue the fundamental work they carry out for their communities.

The Foundation donated more than £60,000 during the Spring Grant Scheme this year, in additional to the £15,650 which has been donated throughout the year to charities in the UK with longstanding relationships with local Fine & Country offices, as well as £3,000 towards flood relief in July. With the latest grants, The Foundation would have given over £121,000 to charities throughout 2021.

Jon Cooke, trustee of the Fine & Country Foundation, said: “While the past 18 months has been challenging in many ways, the Fine & Country network has worked together to raise funds that will have a positive impact in many people’s lives around the world.

“The fundraising efforts of the network and donations we have received has made it possible for The Foundation to be able to support so many amazing charities and non-profit organisations in the work they are doing to make a difference in their communities.

“These grants are going to organisations that rely heavily on funding to survive, especially in the run-up to Christmas, a time that if often the most difficult for many homelessness charities. We are very pleased to be able help these organisations during this time.”

The Fine & Country Foundation was established in 2014 with the Grant Scheme being brought to fruition in 2018. Since its inception, The Foundation has raised over £600,000 through various fundraising drives and events organised and supported by the network and public. This money has gone towards many worthy causes both in the UK and internationally. The Foundation hopes to continue building on this success, with the goal of raising £1m over the coming years for homeless charities.

Applications for the upcoming Spring Grant scheme will be accepted from 1st March 2022.

Donate to The Foundation here.

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