Top 5 Hottest NFL Coaches

Alright ladies, we understand (for the most part) why our guys love watching football. There’s action, there’s drama. It’s methodical and entertaining! But let’s be real, unless you’re as diehard as they are, those long Sundays can be BORING! If you’re anything like me, you’ll find random things to notice during games. For example, just last Sunday I noticed that all the sideline apparel was different from previous Sundays. A few weeks ago, I also happened to notice someone on the sidelines had smiled for just a second. Turns out that was the Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur! This got me thinking. We know there are attractive players like Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Russell Wilson. But DID YOU KNOW the coaches can be just as hot! Here’s my take on the hottest coaches in the NFL.

  • Number one on my list is none other than the gorgeous Matt LaFleur. At 42 years old, this man is aging like fine wine! How can you not luster over that smile or those eyes! He is that kind of attractive that you would see in a Hallmark Christmas movie and you would watch it on repeat! Everything about this man is charming and alluring. 10/10 would watch every GB game just to see his face. Currently, Matt LaFleur is leading the Green Bay Packers to a 8-2 record this season, putting the Packers first in the NFC. This makes them look like a strong playoff contender. This only adds to the progress LaFleur has made since he started with the Green Bay Packers in 2019. Since his first season, LaFleur is holding a 34-8 record.
Image Source: Sports Illustrated
  • Second on this list, on my list is Sean McVay. Coming in as the youngest head coach in the NFL, Sean McVay leads the Los Angeles Rams at the age of 35! It’s no wonder why this man has such a youthful glow! Between those big blue eyes and strong jawline, he’s definitely a show stopper! He also gives off Hallmark movie vibes but in such a good way! Currently, McVay is leading the Rams in a 7-3 season. This puts them fifth in the NFC. Beginning his career as a head coach at the age of 30, Sean McVay has had a fulfilling career so far, finishing first in his division two years in a row. He has also led his team to an NFC conference championship which brought him to his first Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Since his first year, McVay is holding a 50-24 record.
Image Source: LAFB Network
  • I’m putting the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin third. To start, this man does not look like he’s just shy of 50! Not only does his smile just light up the field, but he gives off such a gentle and charming persona. Currently, as the head coach of the Steelers, Mike Tomlin is giving a real life definition to “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.” Currently, the Steelers have a 5-3 record and are ranking 6th in the AFC. Heading the Steelers since 2007, Tomlin has led them to a Super Bowl championship as well as two AFC championships. He holds the record for the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl. In his tenure with the NFL, Tomlin is holding a 150-81 record.
Image Source: Jioforme
  • After deep contemplation, number four I will have to go with Kliff Kingsbury. There’s just something about his scruff that attracts me. The scruff just compliments his gorgeous eyes! Making his NFL debut as a player for the NY Jets in 2005, all the way to being head coach for the Arizona Cardinals since 2019, Kingsbury who is 42 has aged beautifully working in the NFL. Currently, Kliff Kingsbury is heading the Arizona Cardinals in an 8-2 season ranking them number two in the NFC. This puts them right below the Green Bay Packers for second strongest playoff contender this year. Sine his first season, Kingsbury is holding a 21-20 record.
Image Source: CBS Sports
  • Last but not least, Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel closes out this list. I want to start by saying he definitely gives off retired boy band vibes but I’m completely about it. That salt and pepper beard with his mysterious eyes gives me the warm and fuzzies! Vrabel started his NFL career in 1997 as an outside linebacker, and has also had a fulfilling career. At the age of 46, he has led the Tennessee Titans since 2018. Currently, Vrabel is leading the Titans in a 8-2 season ranking them number one in the AFC. Since taking the position as head coach, the Tennessee Titans have finished in the top three in the AFC South. Since starting with the Titans, Mike Vrabel is holding a 37-21 record.
Image Source: Pats Pulpit

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