Rayzor Rank ‘Ems – Top 5 Goalie Fights

5: Mike Smith & Cam Talbot – 1/2/2020

Starting with a more recent entry all we have to say is the Battle Of Alberta might just be the best active rivalry in the NHL. Two teams who dislike each other and play well chipping away eventually it all lead to our 5th entry on the list as the teams would play each other more than ever while stuck in the one year sensation of The North Division featuring only Canadian teams. Edmonton and Calgary met a total of 10 times in a 56 game series unfortunately Calgary fell 4 points short of the wild card which went to Stanley Cup runner’s up The Montreal Canadiens. This would be the first and only goalie fight (SO FAR!!!) in their rivalry.

4: Garth Snow & Steve Shields – 5/3/1997

How could we write this list without posting the most memorable Garth Snow fight, coining the nickname of “Elephant” at least by me, Garth Snow was known for his big bulky, now illegal gear. This may not be top 5 just purely on a scrap basis seeing Snow and Shields was definitely entertaining.

3: Ray Emery & Martin Biron 22/2/2007

How could we do this list without the original Rayzor Ray himself, Ray Emery. Everyone will remember him destroying another goalie while on the Flyers while although I don’t remember that goalie’s name it definitely wasn’t Emery’s first fist fight on skates or his best. As the Senators took on the Sabres back in a late February game in 07. Martin Biron and Ray Emery got involved in a very hard hitting scrap. Seriously seek this one out on YouTube if you want to see a great brawl.

2: Patrick Roy & Chris Osgoode – 4/1/1998

Everyone remembers this entry the good old battle of Detroit and Colorado, two teams that absolutely hated each other, they hated each other so much that I could only pick two fights from this series in fairness to the rest of the scrapping puck stoppers. This particular one happened during a line brawl on January 4th 1998. Out of all the brawls in the Goaltender Column of this gang war on skates this is our second pick as it was a pure bare knuckle brawl.

1: Patrick Roy & Mike Vernon – 26/3/1997

The Number One fight comes from the Detroit Vs Colorado Rivalry yet again, incase you didn’t know these teams legitimately hated each other, I am pretty sure they would have been better suited to settle their differences in some sort of martial arts competition or street fight. But this game was the most violent of them all and also included the best goaltender fight of all time. March 26th 1997 in a game literally nicknamed “Bloody Wednesday” due to the violence all game long. Speaking of blood if you aren’t good with seeing it, I’d advise you don’t seek this one out.

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