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Episode #123: (MINI) Emma’s Life Map

Today, we are doing something a little bit different— Emma is sharing her life map (the story of her life and the things that shaped who she is).

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Show notes:

Emma’s Life Map:

Kindergarten: this was her moment to be loud and entertain everyone around her, so didn’t do very well in school. 

3rd grade: there was a play at church (and she got the lead role) but turned it down because she felt that she shouldn’t want too much attention.

5th grade: started going to a new school and was really nervous but made new friends, which boosted her confidence.

Middle school: started making handmade jewelry and accessories and sold them at festivals. This was her first glimpse at running a business.

High school: participated in student government and was editor of her high school newspaper during her senior year.

First job: Dollar Tree

Second job: Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Other jobs – wedding photography with Elsie, selling videos on eBay, and working for Elsie, doing her Etsy shop support and shipping.

College: attended Missouri State University during the day and took evening classes at OTC

After college – moved to Los Angeles for 3 years to pursue acting, and was an extra on Mad Men and a bunch of other shows. Her favorite job in LA was cleaning apartments and houses. This is also where she first started her food blog.

Moved home – She continued her food blog and helped Elsie with her business and moved in with her parents to save to buy a house.

Leave a comment if you are interested in hearing the rest of Emma’s life map about her career at a Beautiful Mess!

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