Damon Arnette Gets Released By Las Vegas Raiders After Legal Troubles

The Las Vegas Raiders have not had the best year off the field in 2021. Issues have continued to complicated their situation as one of the best teams in the AFC West right now. As of this morning, the Las Vegas Raiders have released CB Damon Arnette.

The former first round pick has been released after a video surfaced online of him repeatedly threatening to kill someone while showing off a gun. The person he was threatening was unspecified in the video.

Arnette currently faces multiple lawsuits. His first lawsuit was filed on October 5th, 2021 and a result of a car accident that caused bodily harm. This incident occurred on October 14th, 2020. According to his representation, Arnette was running late to a meeting when he collided with another vehicle. Arnette fled the scene in order to get to the team meeting on time.

The second lawsuit he currently faces is for an altercation with an employee of Aria Hotel & Casino. Arnette had lost his receipt for the valet parking and the employee said he couldn’t get his car. Arnette allegedly spat on the worker and poked him in the chest. Damon Arnette gets released just a week after former teammate Henry Ruggs III got his walking papers. Ruggs was involved in a high speed car accident that took the life of a women and a dog early on morning in Las Vegas.

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