Daniel Ricciardo joins Ellen DeGeneres

Australian Formula One star Daniel Ricciardo today stepped up to American daytime television when he sat down with the iconic Ellen DeGeneres.

During the interview, it became clear that DeGeneres had taken a liking to his sport.

Chatting to Ricciardo ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix, DeGeneres admitted to the Australian how taken aback she gets at the moments when drivers step out of their cars soaking in sweat.

It led DeGeneres to ask how Ricciardo handles the toilet situation given he can be driving for close to two hours without a moment to stretch his legs.

“When ya’ll get out, you’re just soaking wet, sweating. That’s crazy,” DeGeneres said.

“You don’t even have time to think, ‘I’m thirsty’ or anything like that. You can’t even think about that.

“And what if you have to pee? What if you drink before you get in the car?”

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Ricciardo laughed and admitted it was a question he gets asked often.

“It’s a question we get asked a lot, ‘Have you ever peed in the car?'” Ricciardo replied.

“Everyone can relate to peeing, you need to relax. And it’s hard to relax driving at those speeds.

“I’ve never done it. If you have to go, you just painfully hold on until the end, but every bump, every little kerb you hit hurts.”

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