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“Every job is interim” Propertymark’s Nathan Emerson interviewed at Property Investor Show – Property Industry Eye

At the recent Property Investor Show, EYE’s columnist, Russell Quirk, interviewed Nathan Emerson, the interim CEO of Propertymark, in front of a live audience.

It’s quite a long watch at 46 minutes, but the refreshing style of Emmerson in giving straight answers to straight questions makes for interesting viewing.

His candid answers on the need for change at the trade body that may well end up overseeing the eventual licencing of estate agency, and the approach of that body to future policy planning,  are revealing.

It might be stretching things a little to accept at face value Emerson’s contention that Propertymark was “fairly instrumental in getting SDLT lifted” for the recent Covid-inspired ‘holiday’ but there is no doubting his openess and sincerity.

Will he eventually change from being ‘interim CEO to ‘permanent CEO’? Watch and listen.

Propertymark has about 25% of estate agents as members. They will find value in watching this video of the interview. So will those who may be pondering whether there is any point in taking the required exams in order to join the organisation.

And for those who have been in the business for years and cannot abide the thought of having to take exams in the event of ROPA/licencing arriving on their doorstep – you might find some reassurance in Emerson’s answers.





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