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How to Support Parents Going Through Miscarriage and Infant Loss


Trigger warning: This post focuses on miscarriage, infant loss, and infertility. If this isn’t something that helps you at this time, feel free to bypass reading and take care of yourself. ❤️

October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month.

In recognition of this important month, the team at cupcakes and cashmere wanted to learn how to better support their friends and family members who have experienced loss through miscarriage and stillbirth. They asked me the most thoughtful and sincere questions, and I thank them for shining more light on this difficult subject and for looking for ways to tangibly support grieving parents.

My answers are based upon my personal experience of recurrent miscarriage and infertility and don’t speak for all parents—but I hope that it’s helpful, in some way, for those trying to understand how to help a parent who has experienced a similar pain.

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