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Worlds 2021 Spotlight: T1 – Esports One

Region: LCK 

Regular Season Placing: 4th

Playoffs Placing: 2nd

T1 took a tumultuous path returning to the World Championship. In a disappointing spring split filled with constant roster shuffles, T1 placed 3-4th after being routed by Gen.G in the semifinals of playoffs. These roster shenanigans continued into summer, with even the coaching staff being kicked towards the end of the season. However, through all this chaos, T1 seemed to be finding its footing again slowly. After going 1-1 for the first five weeks, T1 finished out the split with a strong 6-2 record. This included an impressive match win over DWG KIA, where Keria displayed one of the best Thresh performances of all time. As a result, coming into playoffs, T1 was a dark horse. They had the potential to win it all, but they could also flop out in the first round of playoffs.

T1’s first opponent was Liiv Sandbox, and this match was not an average playoffs match for T1. It was more of a grudge match. Before the series, four Liiv Sandbox players were caught on camera mocking Faker’s tears after his loss to Samsung Galaxy in the finals of the 2017 World Championship. This seemed to have lit a fire in T1, and then they smashed LSB 3-0 and followed that up with a 3-1 victory over GEN, avenging their previous loss in the spring playoffs. Now, only DK stood between T1 and another domestic title. Despite putting up a good fight, DK defeated T1 3-1, forcing T1 to play in the regional gauntlet to determine their seeding at Worlds. In the regional gauntlet finals, T1, narrowly avoided the reverse sweep by HLE and secured the third seed for LCK.


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