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Worlds Spotlight: FunPlus Phoenix – Esports One

Region: LPL 

Regular Season Placing: 1st

Playoffs Placing: 2nd

With the acquisition of Nuguri, FPX was looking to return to champions form for 2021. In the spring split, they dominated the league before their superstar rookie jungler, Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo, got caught up in a match-fixing scandal and was removed from the starting roster. Then, they stumbled through the remainder of the split, splitting the jungle role between Tian and Yang “Beichuan” Ling, before ending the split in 5th place. However, they made a resurgence through playoffs, winning the upper bracket finals before losing the grand finals to RNG. Coming into summer, FPX did not have the massive slump they experienced in spring. Thanks to Doinb’s MVP performance and Tian starting full-time, FPX finished the regular season in 1st. Then once again, in playoffs, they cruised through until the grand finals, where they fell to EDG.

FunPlus Phoenix played in both the spring in summer finals of the LPL this year. In both finals, they were coming in as the favorites to win the title. However, FPX seemed to fall apart in both finals while the other team seemed to level up under pressure. Despite their most recent loss in the LPL finals to Edward Gaming, FPX is still dubbed as a tournament favorite for Worlds 2021.


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