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Worlds 2021 Spotlight: MAD Lions

Region: LEC 

Regular Season Placing: 3rd

Playoffs Placing: 1st

Throughout summer, it felt like MAD Lions were taking it easy. According to coaching staff and players, this was in fact true as a means to deal with and prevent burnout. Although MAD was taking it easy, it did not mean they were not winning. They went 12-6 in the regular season and secured third place, qualifying them for the upper bracket of playoffs. Then in playoffs, MAD dominated G2 Esports convincingly 3-1 and subsequently embarrassed Rogue 3-0. Finals were just as easy, where they beat Fnatic 3-1 to win their second championship in a row and secure the first seed from the LEC.

Ever since their insane reverse sweep against Rogue in the spring finals, the feeling around MAD Lions reminds me of SKT during their glory days. No matter how behind MAD is, there is a small, nagging thought in the back of my head: How is MAD going to stage a comeback? We saw demonstrations of this on full display in the spring finals against Rogue, where they pulled off a reverse sweep with a huge fifth-game comeback. We saw it in summer in their series against Rogue again, where they made a comeback after comeback to beat Rogue 3-0, and Game 2 against Fnatic in the finals, where they made Fnatic struggle despite a 10K gold difference. However, this does not mean MAD’s early game is anything to scoff at either, which they proved in their heated Finals series versus Fnatic. In the LEC playoffs, MAD felt unbeatable. Now at Worlds 2021, it’s time to see if MAD can match or even surpass the achievements of the past LEC kings, Fnatic and G2.


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