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Worlds 2021 Spotlight: Gen.G – Esports One

Region: LCK 

Regular Season Placing: 2nd

Playoffs Placing: 3rd

Since the organization joined the LCK, they have been playing second fiddle. In 2018, they did not reach a single domestic final and barely qualified for Worlds via the regional gauntlet, to then be the first Korean team since 2013 knocked out in the group stage. In 2019, the team struggled to even qualify for the LCK playoffs and did not make Worlds. In 2020, they reached finals for the first time in spring and were slapped down 3-0 by T1, and in summer, they lost controversial semifinals featuring a mid-series patch change against DRX. While they qualified for worlds and topped their group, GEN was knocked out in the first round of playoffs by G2.

In 2021, it seemed like nothing was going to change. GEN placed second in the regular season and playoffs in spring, right behind a dominant DWG KIA, but it seemed like the script was changing in summer. While DK was having a post-MSI slump, at least by their standards, GEN was flourishing. They held the top spot in the regular season multiple times. Although the regular season ended the same as summer, 2nd place right behind DK, the circumstances differed slightly. In spring, DK seemed like an unstoppable force for GEN, but in summer, they tied DK in match record, 12-6, and only lost out on the head-to-head. LCK Playoffs still seemed full of potential for GEN, but a resurging T1 forced them to be content with a 3rd place finish and the LCK 2nd seed at Worlds 2021.


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