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Worlds 2021 Spotlight: Cloud9 – Esports One

Region: LCS 

Regular Season Placing: 4th

Playoffs Placing: 3rd

After a disappointing MSI, Cloud9 stumbled through the majority of the summer split. From time to time, we did get to see the Cloud9 everyone was expecting to see, but in the end, they fell in a quick 3-0 to 100 Thieves in the losers finals, resulting in them representing North America as the third seed. While this may seem discouraging, we have to remember Cloud9’s history. Despite attending as NA’s third seed multiple times, Cloud9 has consistently put up the best international performance of any NA representative, even reaching the semifinals at Worlds 2018. So huff the hopium and see if 2021 Cloud9 can replicate their magic.

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