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When people look at bodybuilders, they often notice how sculpted and long their necks are. It’s because their trapezius, a big stingray-shaped muscle, has been overworked. Starting behind the head, the trapezius travels down the neck and over the shoulders before curving downward in a “V” form to finish at the base of the spine.

Yes, big-armed men catch your eye, but it’s the huge men who hold your attention. You can be confident they put in the effort and didn’t skip exercises due to being “tired.” You admire their strength and inwardly want their arms. There are no shortcuts when it comes to trap training. It requires significant time, energy, and guts.

There is disagreement about the optimum day to exercise the trapezius muscles. Some people believe it’s a day for their shoulders, while others claim it’s a day for their back. Honestly, you’ll hit your traps hard on both days, but in my experience, I find it easier to concentrate on my traps while I’m working on my shoulders.

On back days, I tend to concentrate on the mid-and lower back. In contrast, on a shoulder day, I get to compress my traps even more. 

The Trapezius Muscle: What Is It? 

One of the most prominent muscles of the upper and mid-back is the trapezius, and it can be found from the base of your head down to your lower thoracic vertebrae, as well as extending laterally to the scapular spine. 

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