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Enjoy Life Before FI with Simple Investing Strategies

Strong frugality is hard to come by. Not many people would write off their solar system as a business expense and use bitcoin mining to provide heat to their house, instead of using a space heater. These are just two things that Yourri, an engineer and diversification whiz, has done to make his balance sheet as optimized as possible.

Yourri has spent the better part of the last decade at school and was able to graduate with a phenomenal job doing something he loves. He makes $120,000 a year but has a big retirement goal of $7,000,000! While this may seem like a massive number to most, Yourri should be able to hit it with some regular investing due to his age and aggressiveness to invest. But, he’ll need to opt-out of an over-diversified investing strategy if he wants to reach this goal as fast as possible.

Passion projects are also a big part of Yourri’s life, as he’d like to rebuild a vintage motorcycle, get his pilot license, and adopt as many dogs in need as he can. He has a calculated outlook on his financial growth, and there’s no doubt he’ll hit his goals!

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In This Episode We Cover

  • Pursuing high-cost hobbies and understanding that FI isn’t all about saving every penny
  • Whether or not diversification could be slowing down your net worth growth
  • The “golden butterfly” investing ratio that helps mitigate risk when investing
  • Writing off solar systems as a business deduction when in a buy-back program
  • Mining bitcoin for not only extra income but free heat!
  • Whether a 401(k) or a Roth 401(k) is the best option for your retirement
  • And So Much More!

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