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In golf, grips often go overlooked. Golfers spend thousands of pounds on the perfect combination of shaft, clubhead, exact loft and lie, yet don’t spare a thought to using anything besides the stock grip that the club comes with.

Why is this the case? The grip is the only part of the club you come into contact with throughout the swing and they are probably the least effective component of the club.

However, I’d argue the grip you slide onto your putter is just as important as anything else. With putting, confidence is everything- and a sure-fire way to gain confidence is to have a putter grip that feels good in your hands.

If you’re using a grip that’s falling apart, consider a low-cost switch that could make your experience more enjoyable- and could improve your game, too!

Once you’ve bought your putter, and we have a selection of the best putters ever, take a look at the grip, and see what you think of our list of the best putter grips on the market.

Lamkin Flat Cat Original- $24.99 / £18.50

Don’t let the colourful design fool you, this putter grip was designed for performance as well as beauty. The Flat Cat gets its name from the unique shape, boasting flat sides that are designed to help you square the club to the ball at impact.

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