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Leading property educators gather to launch self-regulation scheme

An initiative to bring in self-regulation of the property education sector has been launched, recognising that its reputation faces ‘major issues’ as more and more ‘get rich quick’ operators join the fray.

Called the Property Educators Accreditation Scheme or PEAS, it is backed by key members of the educator sector.

This includes John Howard, Mark Lloyd of Property Master Academy; Ranjan Bhattacharya of Succeed in Property and property consultant David Temple, all of whom have been through a rigorous and six-month long vetting process.

kirst roberts property educator

It also has the backing of evictions expert Paul Shamplina; Sean Hooker, Head of Redress at the PRS; Kirsty Roberts of Asset Academy (pictured), whose husband and Home under the Hammer TV presenter Martin is also a property educator; compliance consultant Julie Ford, David Sandeman of the Essential Information Group and David Smith of JMW Solicitors.

PEAS is operated by the Property Investors Bureau headed up by Cyril Thomas (pictured), who also runs his own property management firm.


Thomas told a launch gathering at the offices of Hamilton Fraser (main pic) that the PEAS scheme is designed to help future students looking for a property educator to discover ‘the good guys’ who have signed up to be ethical and transparent, and that it will strike a balance between cooperation and enforcement.

 “Anyone looking for property education that sees the PEAS badge on training/marketing materials, can feel confident that the educator has been through a thorough and varied accreditation process and that they have a transparent money back guarantee amongst other things,” says Thomas.

Decent honest

john howard property educator

John Howards (pictured) says: “In my view the property education industry has been calling out for an organisation that distinguishes between the genuine decent honest property educators and others who will not be accepted into PEAS.”

Lloyds adds: “Our industry has been under scrutiny for a number of years and we believe this will help improve standards and transparency for those looking to invest in their property education.”

Tim Frome of the PRS, says: “We at the Property Redress Scheme are pleased to support PEAS as we share the same objective of increasing standards in the property industry and providing consumers with suitable redress if they have an issue with a provider of a service”.

For more information about PEAS or the Property Investors Bureau, email on or call on 01206 700 123.

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