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Ranking the Top 5 LCS MVPs of All-Time

This one is a throwback. Phoenix1, now rebranded as Sentinels, never really found much success during their time in the LCS. However, the one split they finished in the top three was when their ADC, Arrow, won MVP and earned his place among the top 5 LCS MVPs on our list. In an ADC meta filled with utility marksmen like Ashe and Jhin, Arrow managed to outshine the rest of the competition, smurfing with his Varus and Ezreal picks.

Living up to the title he earned, P1’s success was entirely reliant on Arrow’s success. Often, if Arrow did not have a fantastic game at least, Phoenix1 was not very likely to win the game. You might look to blame the losses on his “inability” to carry when behind, but in reality, Arrow’s dominance on a struggling team truly showcased his capabilities and determination.  With that said, compared to the previously mentioned MVPs, Arrow played a much more significant part in his team’s success.

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