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CDL Week In Review: Stage IV- 2-9 June 2021

As New York Subliners grinded out two victories to claim the top spot in Group B, Atlanta FaZe did the same without breaking a sweat. It’s been a tough few weeks for Clayster and his teammates, as the out-of-game issues seemed to keep piling on. Hydra played the week through illness while Asim’s entry from Canada to the US for the upcoming LAN Major is in jeopardy.

Despite that, the team picked up two huge victories including a 3-2 win versus Florida Mutineers, a team who have been improving every single game. FaZe continued to humiliate the rest of the competition in Group A, with a 4-0 record and 12-1 map count. OpTic seem to be the favourites for that number two spot, but the recent Major Champions already have that number seed locked in.

Match of the Week

New York Subliners vs Toronto Ultra

Ultra have looked a little shaky in recent times. Their loss to Florida Mutineers was unexpected, and has meant that their chances of the number one seed in Group B is at risk. But everything changes if they can take down Subliners. New York have admittedly gone through a slump, yet still have managed to register wins without playing at their best. This is arguably the most important match of the week and both teams will desperately want to win.

Player to Watch

Vivid, Dallas Empire

Vivid started off slow under the reigning Champions, posting an under-average Fantasy performance in Week one. However, he soon turned it around in Week two, where he was the star player in a close loss to Major III Finalists New York. This is the Vivid that the fans wanted to see, and we can only see him making further strides forward and becoming a key cog in Empire’s system.

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