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Black Desert Mobile vs. Black Desert Online: What are the differences?

Black Desert Mobile, Black Desert Online, and Black Desert. This successful MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) takes many forms. While these games have plenty in common, there’s also a fair few differences. Here’s what you need to know about Black Desert Mobile vs. Black Desert Online.

Black Desert Mobile vs. Black Desert Online: What are the differences?

Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert Online have a lot in common. Both games are developed and publisher by Pearl Abyss. The games take place in the same world, with many of the same characters and general aesthetic. The differences are quite stark, though, as Black Desert Mobile is one of the best Android games for anyone looking for an online role-playing title to explore. Meanwhile, Black Desert Online is specifically designed for PC, with a console port on Xbox and PlayStation systems simply called Black Desert.

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Black Desert Mobile naturally features a different combat system than Black Desert Online, which fits the former’s nature of touch controls. A big focus is on dodging, which clear telltale signs for when a big attack is about to hit your character and when you need to dodge.

Classes, while similar, are also balanced differently, as are the systems for improving your gear. In Black Desert Online, you’ll have many options for evolving your character, including Awakening and Succession. Black Desert Mobile also includes Awakening, as well as a different feature called Ascension. Here’s a very simple breakdown to help keep it straight:

  • Awakening: Your character gains new weapons and skills, but stays the same class
  • Ascension: Your character gains new weapons and skills by changing into a new, “higher” class
  • Succession: Your character does not gain new weapons, but has their existing skillset improved

Given the hardware limitations of mobile devices, the world in Black Desert Mobile is more streamlined and linear than Black Desert Online so that you won’t be wandering and walking around as much. The game still looks great, though, and you’ll want to play it on one of the best Android tablets available, if possible.

While many characters are in both versions of the game, the story is also told in a more straightforward way in Black Desert Mobile, often cutting to the chase of what’s happening in the world more directly.

Do Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert Online have cross-play?

Due to the numerous differences, Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert Online don’t support cross-play or cross-progression, and it’s doubtful this will ever change. However, it is theoretically possible that Black Desert Online for PC and Black Desert on consoles could get cross-play, given how these versions of the game are more similar. With that said, the PC version stays several updates ahead of the console game, so we wouldn’t expect this feature to have a huge priority or arrive anytime soon.

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