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OWL Week In Review 9-16 June- The June Joust

Dallas Fuel:

Fuel did not win the June Joust, but they did win fantasy. The grand finals were extremely close and we would still rank Fuel as the best fantasy team in OWL right now. Massive points and consistency across all roles are all you could ask for as a fantasy manager. One factor that we did not see in the June Joust is Pine, his introduction may cause some inconsistency in the DPS line and is the only cause for concern for fantasy with this team.

Player to watch: Fearless- the second highest average fantasy points for any tank player and the highest for a main tank. Fearless is an amazing and consistent option for fantasy points and a bit cheaper than Hanbin in royales.

Shanghai Dragons:

The Dragons fought hard for their title and it was well deserved. The fantasy points came up a little shorter than we expected but Dragons did lose their first match of the tournament. With their overall slow start to the fantasy season, we’re excited to see Dragons on an upward trajectory. We think the tournament provided above average points but going forward we think Dragons players will be scoring better than they were at the beginning of the season.

Player to watch: Void- had a slow start to the season in terms of fantasy points but he’s on an upward trend. Right now, he resides at the 14th highest tank average and we expect him to break the top 10 by the end of the season.

Atlanta Reign:

The Reign didn’t go down without a fight and we’re excited to see what the future holds for them. If the meta doesn’t shift too much in the Summer Showdown we expect Atlanta to stay near the top. Pelican is making a strong case for rookie of the year and he’s absolutely worth a starting spot on your fantasy roster. Overall, this team is on a hot streak and for the time being, we recommend starting their players.

Player to watch: Hawk- had a strong tournament performance and is overall on an upward trend. Hawk is a sleeper pick especially when things like meta (sustain) are in his favor. Depending on the meta, Hawk could be a better option than some APAC tanks.

New York Excelsior:

NYXL is struggling to be average. They did make the June Joust but by our count, it was a fluke. Overall, there’s nothing that really stands out about this team. We’ve seen potential from the DPS but nothing exceptional like say Choi on Charge. The season is halfway over and there’s still time for NYXL. If you’re a believer, our suggestion is have a back-up plan.

Player to watch: FEATH5R- has been a newer addition to the starting roster and play time is certainly meta dependent. If echo continues to be meta we may see him picking up a few decent scores. We would recommend only using FEATH5R as a “bye week sub” at the moment.

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