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(Not) Balancing It All: Finding Time for Both Kairos and Chronos


There were a string of days (maybe even weeks?) leading up to our trip to Italy where I felt like I’d completely lost track of any balance in my life. I spent the majority of each day closed off in my office, attempting to be productive, and then feeling guilty when I wasn’t. And the problem was, even after I’d leave the office at the end of the day, my evenings were filled with things I “had to” do in order to compensate for my lackluster output at work. I’d bring up the pile of dishes into the bathroom sink (the joys of not having a kitchen while under construction), pay bills, or look for inspiration online in order to bring me out of my funk. I was sort of in a holding pattern, assuming everything would be cured once we left for our trip, and it wasn’t until reading Sloan her bedtime story one evening when I realized where I had gone wrong.

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