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League of Legends Week In Review: 9-16 June

The pro leagues are all fully underway now! With this week heralding the start of the LEC as well, we’re back to having a full schedule of League of Legends to enjoy every week. It’s been another interesting week in the world of LoL esports- let’s have a look at the winners and losers of the week.


MSF Vetheo

It’s been a fantastic start to Summer for Misfits- they currently sit with a 3-0 record and on top of the standings. This has been a team effort for definite, but it would be unfair to not give Vetheo a particular shout out. This is only the second split in the LEC for the French midlaner, but he looks right at home, being our top scorer from the past week with a total of 124.80 raw points. The constant escape of Akali from the banphase has definitely helped Vetheo out, and once it starts drawing some bans we’ll see if Vetheo will sink or swim. But for now, he and Misfits are riding a high, and after a poor Spring performance, it’s just the tonic they needed.

Nongshim Redforce

Well, who could have seen this coming? Nongshim are sitting pretty with a 3-0 series record right now, having taken down DRX, KT Rolster and LIIV SandBox in their opening fixtures. Considering the tight margins we often see deciding who makes playoffs in the LCK, Nongshim’s great start will be huge in their ambition to make playoffs and perhaps even sneak the 4th Worlds spot that the LCK has. The more time passes, the more Peanut and Kellin’s signings seem like incredibly shrewd moves.

C9 k1ng

It wasn’t an ideal start to life for k1ng after being promoted from Academy to the main roster, but we’re starting to see more of what he’s capable of. A 1-2 final standing in Week 1 saw many questioning the addition of k1ng in the roster, but after a 3-0 week for C9 in which k1ng only died once throughout the games, the dissenters have quietened down significantly. Time will tell if k1ng is a better long-term addition to the team than veteran ADC Zven is, and no matter who ends up being the starting ADC for C9, the team will have a very talented backup in the wings, or a great moneymaker should they decide to sell.


SK Gaming

It’s not unexpected to see SK struggling after their roster changes that were…questionable. However, what has really shocked many is just how tame they look. While Treatz seems to be doing an adequate job in the Jungle role, the team looks to be lacking in cohesion, and often don’t seem on the same page when it comes to team fights and the finer intricacies of matches. Hopefully they can sort these problems out soon, as it’s never nice to see a team struggle. However, we anticipate it won’t be too long until we see Treatz back in Support, and TynX making a return to the Jungle.


Oooof, what a poor start from DRX. The team hasn’t had the easiest season so far, losing much of their top talent save for Pyosik. Nevertheless, they finished 5th overall in Spring, which wasn’t a bad showing. However, Summer has been an awful time so far for Worlds 2020 attendees DRX- they’re sitting with a 0-3 series record so far, having just won 1 of their 7 games played. Just as we said getting some games on the board early is vital to breaking the slim margins of making playoffs in the LCK, losing your first 3 matches is a pretty solid way of giving yourself a hefty handicap for the rest of the split. We’ve seen miracle runs happen before, but this could be an insurmountable one for DRX considering the quality of their opponents that they still have to face.

CLG Pobelter

Long gone are the CLG glory days of 2015, but we haven’t quite been this far away from the peak of CLG as we are now. CLG sit 9th in the LCS table with a paltry 1-5 record so far in Summer, and with Golden Guardians looking like they could be on the up, it’s entirely plausible that in the next couple of weeks they fall down to 10th. Pobleter has had a forgettable start to Summer, scoring pretty poorly in all of CLG’s losses, and decently in the win- a 42:30 slobberknocker against Golden Guardians. If CLG are to improve, we need to see much more from the Notorious P.O.B in the weeks to come- however this could be a tough ask considering the talent in Mid in the LCS.

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