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League of Legends Week In Review- 17-23 June 2021

It’s been another banger week in the world of League of Legends- and with the LEC back in full swing now, having just seen its 2nd week finish, we’ve got even more to talk about than usual. Let’s have a look at who’s having a great week, and who would rather forget about it!


SK Lilipp

After an abysmal 0-5 start to the Summer Split for SK Gaming, they’ve decided to make another change- and this one might be good! SK Prime’s Support Lilipp is going to be starting for the org this week, after they decided it was best to put Jesiz back in his coaching role. Lilipp has been performing well in the ERLs for SK Prime, and with his powerful presence on hook-heavy champions such as Thresh & Pyke, this could be just the tonic that Jezu needs to wrest some more control over the bot lane situation, which was a source of much success for SK last split.

C9 Zven

After spending the first few weeks of the Summer Split in the wilderness of Academy, Zven has been announced to be back in. You have to feel Zven is a bit smug about it after the team’s performances without him- they certainly haven’t lived up to the hype, and it was a shock to see him out after a solid MSI performance. Who knows what the future will bring for this team, but for now we know that future lies with Zven in the roster.

Counter Logic Gaming

What a difference a week can make, eh? CLG have gone from the basement of the LCS, propping up the table and looking unlikely to make playoffs, to having a pretty solid hold on the 8th place spot. This week saw the team finish 3-0 overall, and this boost to their chances is in no small part down to Broxah, who has been on another level lately. If they keep this up, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them crack top 6 by the end of the split- what a sight that would be.



Well, the experiment didn’t work out- K1ng was a fine player, but not quite ready for LCS, and doesn’t have the star factor that Zven brings. And now after allowing TSM & 100T to leapfrog them in the table, C9 now have to go back to Zven, cap in hand, asking him to play LCS again. It’s not a good look for the roster, and you have to feel that even if it was a disciplinary issue, there were better ways that it could have been handled. Now a lot of damage has been done, both to C9’s standing in the LCS table and their brand image in general- fingers crossed they can sort things out, though. Nobody likes to see a team down on its luck.

DIG Dardoch

Just as we said a week can change so much for the better, a lot can change for the worse in a week as well. Dardoch made our ‘Buffed’ list last week and after DIG’s first match of the week, it was announced that Dardoch would be benched for the foreseeable future. No fancy video like other orgs have done, just a graphic saying ‘Dardoch is benched for the upcoming games’. You have to feel this is a disciplinary issue- which is a shame as Dardoch has been such a lynchpin to DIG’s success, but it’s not exactly like he’s not got a track record of being a bit toxic either.

S04 Kirei

After a less than ideal start to Summer that sees Schalke sitting with a 2-3 record and in a 3-way tie for the 6th playoffs spot. And a lot of blame for the poor start to Schalke’s Summer campaign has been lumped onto Kirei, their new Jungler. Replacing Gilius was a big ask considering the popularity and cult of personality the player brings, but Kirei really has yet to live up to the hype that the S04 higher-ups gave him when he signed. His playstyle seems too passive and uninterested in objectives like Drakes and Barons and this is really not providing S04 fans with much confidence- if things don’t change soon, we might see Gilius coming back in before long.

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